Global Credit Union | Be a Global Citizen

One of Spokane’s oldest credit unions, Global had a six percent name recognition at a time when its competitors were enjoying double digit growth. The Global citizen rebrand enlisted the efforts of local artists and musicians, helping support the community while establishing 66 percent name recognition within a year. In addition, median age for Global members dropped from 48 to 38 within two years.

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America’s Credit Union | Rebrand

America’s Credit Union, formerly Fort Lewis Credit Union, is a distinct entity in a stuffy financial industry.  They love to roll out cool new products and have a culture more befitting a high-tech firm than a credit union.  They are fast and contemporary and think a little differently than other financial institutions.

To more closely reflect their culture – and stand out in the highly competitive Puget Sound market – we abbreviated their look to ACU and emboldened their palette with warm “non bank” colors. Their messaging is contemporary and active.  Their first spokespeople:  members of Tacoma’s Dockyard Derby Dames roller derby league.

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Spokane Teachers Credit Union | STCU Is You

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Tulip Credit Union | Rebrand

A lot of credit unions claim to be the “unbank,” but Tulip Cooperative Credit Union in Olympia truly is.

Tulip’s culture is, in many respects, what every credit union strives to be. It writes loans and offers checking and savings accounts to people who normally could not get them. However, the institution needed more than low income members to grow and serve its membership. We took the existing Tulip look and cleaned it to be more professional and accessible to people in a broader range of incomes and lifestyles. Meanwhile, we tried to hold on to the organic nature of the credit union that made it unique in the first place.
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Numerica Credit Union | NumNum Gen Y Program

When Numerica Credit Union launched its GenY brand, it entered a world filled with cliches and clip art solutions. Instead of creating a look that competed with gaming sites and the like, we took a more underground approach. We worked with Numerica’s existing brand standards and palette and created a hand-drawn version that mimicked both underground comics and a kid’s everyday scrawled notes.

We then gave the brand an irreverent name – NumNum – that was fun, easy to digest and, in the end, harkened back to Numerica Credit Union. NumNum is now a place for young adults to talk and learn about money. And not be bored senseless in the process.
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