Boom at NWCUA Conference

Boom doesn’t do trade shows very often, but oddly enough, we like them. Yes, they’re cheesy. Yes, they’re laden with weird plushy toys and chocolate bars in the shape of dollar bills (and stranger things). Yes, participants occasionally devolve into drunken spectacles. And the schmooz factor is, well…beyond words.

And yet, trade shows are a blast when you take the right mind set.

Last week, Boom attended the Northwest Credit Union Association convention in Tacoma. We were one of more than 100 vendors. As a vendor, the main value isn’t so much “making the sale” as it is rekindling old friendships and developing strategic partnerships. (never did I believe we would use those two words, but here we are.) We left energized and optimistic. Whether you work in a credit union or as a credit union vendor, they are a great way to recharge your batteries.

And we got a chance to show off our new sort of holographic illusion booth display. A micrososm of the Boom office, it was a hit at the show. Some people gawked and stared and touched it. Others walked by with perplexed expressions.

It wasn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but that’s what we wanted.