For those of you who have never experienced one, it’s pretty much just like a regular farewell to anyone, except Minnesotans elongate a normal goodbye by about 30 minutes. Tangents of the previous conversations from the time together linger. You’ll talk, walk people to the door or to their car or what have you and continue to talk for another 30 minutes. Maybe Minnesotans or just chatty people. Maybe this ties into being “Minnesota nice”— they’re too nice to just kick you out, already.

Whatever it is, I’ve always enjoyed these goodbyes. Since moving out here, I’ve realized that they may be a bit irritating, but more than anything, they’re charming. They are reflective on an attitude of savoring your time with other people. That’s what’s at the heart of Midwestern values, I feel.

On that note, I’ll reflect on Boom’s week or so in the Twin Cities. It’s no secret that Boom has a love affair with the Twin Cities— we’ve been working with Spire Federal Credit Union for years, Daniel’s family has roots here, I live out here and jokingly refer to my apartment as Boom’s “Minneapolis Office,” and the wait staff at Chino Latino would probably consider us some of their most loyal customers. We don’t only come back to Minnesota (or live here, in my case) for the business, the great food, or the family ties. We come back here, year after year for the people. This shoot was no different.


When people are kind and fun to work with, it makes out job easy. Lucky for us, Minnesota is riddled with genuinely nice people. Minnesota nice people. From our clients at Spire to the royal family of the Saint Paul Winter Carnival to our commercial subjects to everybody interviewed in order to get this ball rolling, we were instantly equipped with the most genuinely fun, smart, and sweet people. I know I sound wooey here. But it’s true. That’s the charm of Minnesotans. That’s why we elongate our goodbyes.

Our week of shooting was just the right amount of hectic as we shot with an incredible variety of people in an array of locations. We went from a Dunn Brothers in Fridley to Mercado Central in Midtown. From Lake Minnetonka to White Bear Lake. We drove around the Twin Cities, visiting our subjects in places that reflect who they are. Additionally, we got to take on our first commercial featuring an entire royal family in a conference room turned ballroom (we also got knighted into the realm of Boreas, so it’s fair to say Boom had an eventful week.)

These spots are going to be amazing. They won’t be great simply because of the beautiful locations. It won’t be because we are just that cocky at Boom. They will be amazing because of the heart behind Spire and Spire members.

Spire talks about how they are driven by Midwestern values, maybe in the same way that a Minnesota goodbye is driven by them. There’s this genuine care for other people exhibited. There’s a thankfulness for your time with others. Of course, there’s also consistent chattiness. This all said, all in all, the latest shoot in Minnesota was one of the greatest times all around. And after putting it off for too long— Twin Cities, we always hate to say goodbye. Until next time!