Agency pitches and Toddlers in Tiaras

Any beauty pageant fans out there? Maybe some, but 99 percent of the civilized world recognizes them for what they are – anachronistic, outdated cattle calls of superficiality. Plus, they’re just plain gross.

At Boom we think agency pitches are exactly the same as beauty pageants. Boom reluctantly enters the occasional pitch, but we don’t like them. Here’s why:

Nobody is truthful in pitches
Especially potential agencies. Why? Because you will be told exactly what you want to hear to get your business, nothing more. As opposed to a real relationship, the solutions aren’t realistic. Your company’s flaws aren’t discussed. The stuff you need to hear never comes out. Often the creative presented isn’t the creative ultimately executed because while the idea is great, it is often an unrealistic idea intended solely to get your business.

They are a horrific waste of resources
Competing agencies will work around the clock to make their presentations. You may think that they’re a great way to choose from a bunch of creative solutions from competing entities, but in the end you do pay. Trust us on this.

You often get recycled work
This is not work based on a relationship, but a cattle-call. Off-the-shelf solutions and work that was used in the last pitch come in pretty handy in these situations.

They are bad karma
You are pitting someone against someone else because you can. Doesn’t that feel just a tad bit creepy?

Play the field, and you are going to get back what you put out.