Attack attack ads

Boom has always wanted to make forays into political advertising, but it was a small “non partisan” city council race which pushed us into action.

A PAC promoting the interests of Spokane mayor David Condon, Michael Cannon and John Ahern produced this lovely ad. Please admire it in all its grandeur.

In a radio interview, Condon referred to this spot as “edgy.” Au contraire, Mayor Condon. This is more like an SNL parody of a John Stewart send-up of a political ad, all the way down to the the shock-inducing headline graphics tying City Council candidates Jon Snyder and Candice Mumm to “deadly shootings” and “man shot to death.”

Scientific American says, “Although evidence on the effectiveness of negative political ads is inconclusive, campaign consultants clearly believe in their power.” Having had our run-ins with campaign consultants, this is our plea to all politicians who succumb to their dark lord aides who insist “negative ads work”:

Do not listen to them.

Please take this advice, and we state this not as conservative or liberal. This is the type of approach which not only doesn’t resonate with most voters, but actually galvanizes people against you.

Like it did with Boom. While we generally liked City Councilman Jon Snyder, we really had no skin in the Spokane District 2 City Council race.

Until we saw this ad. So we produced the following spots, which, gasp, feature a politician actually saying what he believes! Groundbreaking!

We believe that advertisers and politicians are in a culture war. A dispute in which some people believe ads like the one attacking Snyder and Mumm are somehow effective and appropriate. We politely disagree. Not just because they’re distasteful, but because the majority of people are sick to death of them. The world is changing, and the same jingles, attack ads and gimmicks that were synonymous with advertising are not going to cut it anymore.