Leaving it all on the table (literally)

There’s a crater in our office (Daniel’s office actually) from an RFP effort this week. We could say we sandbagged it, but that would be a lie. We threw every last ounce of energy  at something that statistically we don’t stand much chance of winning.

And we feel amazing.


In general Boom hates RFPs. Not just regular hate, but hate in the pull out your fingernails sense. They’re part free ad campaign, part doing your taxes. And when you’re done, you have this big empty feeling.

But this one was different.

It was for Washington State University Athletics. We felt a kinship with the athletes/fans we talked to because like them, we aren’t a big, slick player, yet we’re on a national stage. In agency world. We’re a little group of really hard workers in a derelict block in Spokane. We don’t always win. We’re definitely not the t-shirt team of the advertising world. And we don’t want to be. To quote a statement we used in the RFP:

The Cougs aren’t just some t-shirt team. Cougs aren’t about flash. We will outwork our opponents, outdo ourselves and at the end of the day – win or lose – leave everything on the table.

That’s how we feel this week.