Oh God another marketing blog.

If you are reading this you are almost certainly a marketing person. Or a branding person. Congratulations.

As you probably noticed we finally gave a facelift to a website that hadn’t been updated since the Civil War. In all fairness, we have been really, really super busy with projects. Of course that’s no excuse. We never updated the damn thing, and, if you were ever so bored as to visit our site occasionally, we know you looked at the same stuff over and over.

So this is our super solemn pledge to you. We will update this blog on a regular basis. But we need your help. Write to me about anything related to or not related to advertising/branding/marketing, etc. Sort of a Dear Abby or Dr. Ruth style with boring marketing scenarios in place of cheating spouses and hard to identify infections.

It’ll be fun. You may get some valuable information. And you’ll us keep this marketing blog going. Write me at daniel@boomcreative.biz.