Own the boredom.

I’ve been schlepping financial services for, oh, about 25 years now, and truthfully I’m running out of ideas. Really, how many different ways are there to market auto loans, or online banking, or the most boring of boring…certificates. Sure, everybody needs financial services, but there’s just nothing sexy or exciting about them. Any suggestion on new ways to make this stuff interesting?

Yawningly yours (YY)

Congratulations YY. As the first person to write, you could have tossed me a slow, easy lob. But no, you play hardball and hurl a 90 mph question for which there is no easy, gracious answer.

So, I’ll hurl one right back. That is because, you YY, work in a very boring field. This does not mean, YY, that you personally are boring. But no matter how many times you try to dress up a pig, there it is. Staring you in the face wallowing in its own filth.

Like you said YY, there is nothing sexy nor exciting about these products. (The auto loan is somewhat debatable. There is something to be said about having the means to satisfy one’s midlife crisis in a manner that is both legal and non-harmful, but I digress.) Having some stock photo Gen-Yer acting like your online banking will somehow make him or her cool is patently lame and will be ridiculed.

So I suggest you pull a complete reversal. Celebrate how freakishly mind-numbingly, brain cell depletingly boring these offers truly are. Own it. Work it. Revel in it. And you know what, you might find yourself with a truly creative campaign.

Yoda has spoken.