Reflecting reality for fun and profit

This is a letter I found on the streets of the East Village in New York last year. I shot it with my iPhone with no embellishments, no placement, no adjustments.  It didn’t need it. The weathered pages, the subject matter (“Thomas l’Imposteur”) told a perfect story that inspired imagination and intrigue. Where did this page come from? Who left it there? What caused something so beautiful to just be dropped at this place?

The point:  This could not have been art directed any better than as it was here. It was created with no pretension or “trying too hard.”

One of Boom’s philosophies is that we don’t just create. We reflect what already exists on the streets, on roadsides, in coffee shops and in nature. Our mission is “to reflect reality for fun and profit.”

There are infinite pages like this one surrounding us everywhere, if only we’re willing to look. And we’ve been inspired by them in all of the campaigns/looks we’ve worked on.

The “Thomas l’Imposteur”  page now holds a treasured place in Boom’s offices. It inspires us and keeps us humble in our own abilities as we strive to create work that is reflective of our clients.